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Head pig in charge of chemical spills

Chemical Spills-One Smart Pig

Once upon a time at a very busy chemical facility, there worked three pigs who were charged with responding to chemical spills. They were given this responsibility because they were competent, strong, bright and forward looking, not steeped in the old ways.

Far be it for any of the pigs to resort to what had failed in the past or what just made a messy spill worse, because the pigs hated messes. Not to mention the dangers of using the wrong or ineffective material to absorb a spill that could potentially be life threatening.

The head pig had learned long ago that what was worse than the big bad wolf was a spill which was hard to contain because it created noxious and dangerous fumes.

The head pig was an avid reader of LinkedIn, and he had become aware of a space-age product that exceeded all expectations when dealing with dangerous chemicals.

Of course, he had discovered PetroGuard, which is why they made him the head pig. In fact, when he demonstrated the product to his bosses, they were so impressed with the results that they made him the “pig in charge of emergency response.”

They were especially impressed by the way PetroGuard not only absorbed the reactive chemicals used in the plant but that it effectively reduced or stopped a spill from hydrolyzing, and permanently encapsulated the chemicals on a molecular level. In fact, they were so impressed that they nominated him for “Pig of the Month”.

That was one impressive pig, who then proceeded to live happily ever after and became CEO of the entire farm.

If you’re still not yet convinced of how effective PetroGuard can be, click here for a link that illustrates its features and advantages.  You can even find a list of water reactive chemicals that PetroGuard is compatible with.

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