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Hazardous chemical spill absorbents — Small change — real impact.

We were talking with a PetroGuard hazardous chemical spill absorbent client the other day and asked him how he implemented the use of PetroGuard into his safety procedures.

He said:

“We took small steps.  We find that that strategy works the best.”

He went on to say:

“Small variations are the best way to implement change within our labor force because it’s reasonable and they learn to understand the products involved better.  It’s not like you’re trying to overhaul the big picture all at once.

So we started with maintenance of the feed lines.

The amazing efficiency of PetroGuard hazardous chemical spill absorbent had a very real impact on the confidence of our maintenance crew.

Over time we switched to using the PetroGuard System using the 5-gallon buckets during our maintenance procedures.  We use PetroGuard 50-gallon drums for larger spill control,  PetroGuard hazmat pillows and SheenGuard oil sheen removal blankets for our holding pond.

Our maintenance guys said, ‘there’s nothing like this stuff for fast and complete encapsulation.’  And they appreciate the fact that there’s very increase in spent product.  It makes cleanup quick and easy.”

There’s one problem that we see with PetroGuard.  Can you guess that that is?

It lasts too long.

Yup, compared to the previous safety products our clients have used, they need far less PetroGuard, because a little PetroGuard goes a long way.  As a result we don’t hear from our clients very often.

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