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How does this work?

“How does this work?  Can I just read the manual or is there more I should know?”

That’s what I asked my electrician when he installed our generator last week.

He said:  “there’s more you should know.”

He went on to tell me everything he thought I needed to know so I understood the nature of the system we purchased.

I told him I didn’t realize how much was involved.

He said:  “I want you to be totally prepared so you are completely safe when you need to use this.”

Do you approach purchasing spill control products the way I approached my generator installation?

Not being completely familiar with how much is really involved could be unsafe.

When it comes to safety, there are specific components to making your emergency response procedures as efficient as possible, so everything works together. This keeps you and your employees protected.

Having the most powerful and efficient hazardous spill control products readily available is just as important as the procedures themselves.

If your spill control products do not completely encapsulate the hazardous product you’re dealing with, then you might be putting your crew at risk and use more products than you really need to get the job done.

That wastes time, money and can be risky.

So the big question is are you using the most efficient hazmat spill control products available for that type of spill or release?

If you’re not sure, give us a call (860 350-2200) and let’s talk about our specialty spill response products.  Let’s see if we can enhance your safety procedures with the most powerful and efficient products on the market.

Patti Garland
Vice President
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View a demonstration of PetroGuard® our chemical spill absorbent with Chlorosilane

At Guardian Environmental Technologies we assist industries, government agencies and prime contractors who handle hazardous chemicals and oil and gas with spill control and solidification solutions.

Helping our customers choose the right product is our specialty.  Give us a call and see why our customers trust us to provide them with efficient and cost effective spill control and solidification products, 860 350-2200.