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HydroGuard Super Absorbent Polymer Water Crystal

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HydroGuard Super Absorbent Polymer

HydroGuard super absorbent  polymer water crystal has many proven practical applications in manufacturing, energy production, mining and many other industries. It is used to solidify and stabilize water constituents in liquid waste by-products.
The unique characteristic of HydroGuard super absorbent polymer is its ability to absorb water or organic fluids, reject oil and resist bio-degradation while retaining liquid under pressure. This makes it an ideal stabilizing medium for waste disposal in landfills.
HydroGuard super absorbent polymer is a cost-saving alternative to other bulk solidifiers, including Portland cement, kiln dust, corn-cobs, sawdust or other commodity absorbents.HydroGuard-in-use
HydroGuard will:
  • Reduce waste transportation and disposal costs compared to other bulking agents
  • Absorb water up to 400 times by weight
  • Retain liquid waste even under pressure
  • Resist bio-degradation
HydroGuard Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Chemically bonds with water and won’t biodegrade or release liquid
  • Minimizes waste volume because typical expansion is less than 1%.
  • Mixes quickly to improve production efficiency
  • Passes the EPA Test Method 9095 paint filter test. Certain waste streams will pass will EPA Test Method 1311 for RCRA metals after treatment with HydroGuard



Product Designations

All super absorbent polymer crystals are not the same. Waste streams vary in chemical composition, salinity, temperature and other ways. That’s why we have specific SAP formulations that we match to corresponding liquid waste.

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  • HydroGuard 1000 Economy Grade – Small Particle Size Grains for Quick Solidification Applications

                Absorption Capacity in Water  140 -200 g/g  

Drilling fluid (mud) and drill cuttings disposal, mine tailings, pit, pond and lagoon closure, waste   contained in roll off boxes, hazardous waste streams, de-watering.

  • HydroGuard 2000 Mid-Grade – Variable Particle Size and Color Variation for Routine Solidification Operations

                Absorption Capacity in Water    140 -220 g/g    

Chemically bonds with water, and won’t biodegrade or release liquid. minimizes waste volume – typical expansion is less than 1%, mixes quickly to improve production efficiency

  • HydroGuard 3000   Premium Grade – Consistent Particle Size Distribution for High Capacity Applications

                 Absorption Capacity in De-ionized water  350 – 380.0 g/g Min.

HG 3000 super absorbent polymers have many advantages over commodity solidification media like kiln dust, Portland cement or sawdust:

  • HydroGuard PAM  For more difficult applications where water some salt concentration is present and for other specialized solidification requirements.

                Absorption Capacity in De-ionized water 350 – 400 g/g Min   

Note:  Significant concentrations of salt may require additional product due to reduction in absorption capacity. On site testing is recommended.

Product Availability:

Ready to Ship Inventory

We have a large inventory of super absorbent polymers which are ready to ship. If you need a truckload, a pallet of 50# bags or a metric ton in bulk sacks for industrial clean-up, we will ship in a timely and efficient manner.

Packaging options

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Bulk Sacks (2000 to 2200#)

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50 LB Bags





Let us help you select the right grade of HydroGuard super absorbent polymer for your hazardous, non-hazardous or radioactive waste solidification and stabilization project.

Grade Bulk Sack Price Truckload B/S Prices/lb Bags/skid
HydroGuard SAP 1000 Low Grade  $               call  $                  call 40/2000#
HydroGuard SAP 2000 Mid Grade  $               call  $                  call 40/2000#
HydroGuard SAP 3000 Premium  $               call  $                  call 40/2000#
HydroGuard PAM PAM  $               call  $                  call 40/2000#

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