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Oil Sheen on Water

Oil sheen on water and knee replacements

What do oil sheen on water and a knee replacement have in common?

We….do you know anyone who has had a knee replacement that didn’t work the first time?

I have a friend who has had the same knee replaced three times.

Her story reminds me of what we hear from our customers regarding their problems with oil sheen on water.

My friend’s first two knees were done with off the shelf implants that weren’t quite the same shape has her natural bones requiring the surgeons to make compromises with her soft tissue to make it work.

Her problem was finally solved with a customized knee implant specific to the size and shape of her leg, exponentially increasing the odds of her knee working long-term.

This is like trying to control oil sheen on water.

Our customers would tell us that the off the shelf products they were using needed to be replaced frequently and that they were regularly making compromises to get them to work.

Once they switched to a customized SheenGuard solution, they had a fast-acting, long-lasting solution, designed specific to their needs.

They simply deploy their SheenGuard products, watch them instantly start to work and leave them on the water longer than they could ever imagine.

Just think about the time and expense this could save you.

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to stop wasting your time and money continuously replacing your off the shelf products trying to make them work.

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Patti Garland
Vice President
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