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18 Inch Oil Containment Boom

Protected Marina Containment Booms

Protected_portOur protected marine standard 18 inch oil containment boom is ideal for calm water & light current oil spill applications in protected marinas, medium & large ponds, canals, lagoons, lakes, waterways, reservoirs and wetlands.

Designed with a 6” Freeboard & 12” Draft, 22 oz. PVC fabric, ballast chain, ASTM connectors, and is available with or without a top tension cable. 18” Oil Containment Boom is the most common used size for first response and long term oil spill clean-up.  Widely used by contract emergency response companies.  Works well in Ports, Marinas, Bays, Harbors, inlets and just about any inland body of water.  A top tension cable is required if the boom is going to encounter strong currents, windy conditions or a lot of water movement due to boat and recreational activity nearby.  The cable will provide greater tensile strength which will allow the boom to better resist the forces applied.

This boom has a top tension cable thereby providing greater tensile strength and is most often used for oil spills in protected ports, inlets, harbors, estuaries, unprotected marinas, bays, rivers, and of course can also be used on all of the above listed applications.

Oil Containment Booms are designed as a first response to an oil spill or by Spill Response Contractors to divert, control and contain an oil spill. Once the spill has been contained the contractor will then proceed to remove the oil by skimming or by using PetroGuard solidifying absorbent.

We provide a quality product, appropriate for the application, while keeping cost down to a minimum.

  • Oil Booms are available in 50 & 100 ft sections or any custom length up to 100’
  • Numerous sections can easily & quickly be connected together.
  • Numerous fabrics are available for short or long term deployments.