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PetroGuard Absorbent Spill Response Kits

PetroGuard Spill KitOur PetroGuard hazmat chemical spill kit and PetroGuard D oil spill kit combine all the supplies you need for quick hazmat and oil spill cleanup.

These absorbent spill response kits are custom designed to your application, they contain our U.S. manufactured quality and environmentally friendly absorbent pads, booms and socks along with a supply of our proprietary absorbents PetroGuard or PetroGuard-D.

Our PetroGuard chemical spill kit will completely contain and solidify chemical spills while significantly reducing toxic vapors and exposure time.

Our PetroGuard-D oil absorbent spill response kit instantly solidifies oil and other hydrocarbons.

Our proprietary absorbents are known for their non-leaching quality and efficiency.

These kits are handy, easy to use and dramatically enhance your chemical spill, oil spill and hazmat spill response capabilities while saving you money.

Prices are based on minimum one pallet quantity.

PetroGuard Hazmat Chemical Spill Kits

Part Type Spill Response Kit Container Type Heavy Weight Pads Absorbent Socks Gloves Goggles PetroGuard 5 lb bags Bags and Ties
GSPG 95 Oil and Hazmat Spill Kit 95G over-pack drum 100 (8) 3″ x 144″ 2 2 6 10
GSPG 55 Oil and Hazmat Spill Kit 55G open head drum 50 (5) 3″ X 144″ 2 2 4 5
GSPG 30 Oil and Hazmat Spill Kit 30G open head drum (6) 3″ X 96″ (5) 3″ X 144″ 1 1 3 4
GSPG 5 Oil and Hazmat Spill Kit 5 gallon pail 15 (4) 3″ X48″ 1 1 1 5
GSPGTK Oil and Hazmat Spill Kit Truck Spill Kit 15 (4) 3″ X48″ 1 1 1 5