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PolyGuard Polymeric Filtration Media

PolyGuard Oil Spill Absorbent Filtration Media

PolyGuard High Capacity Polymeric Filtration Media for Liquid and Vapor Phase Pollution Removal

PolyGuard hydrocarbon filtration media is formulated to remove dissolved hydrocarbon contamination from water or air. PolyGuard’s high absorption capacity makes it the perfect replacement or add-on to a carbon absorption and filtration system.

As a specialty hydrocarbon filtration media, PolyGuard is a high-capacity, cost-effective polymeric filtration media ideal for pollution removal. It is suited for both aqueous and vapor phase applications. Used as a pre-treatment for carbon or other polishing technologies, it extends the bed life and helps to bring contamination to nearly undetectable levels.

Systems suitable for carbon adsorption can be easily adapted to using PolyGuard hydrocarbon absorbent polymer alone or in conjunction with carbon systems.

PolyGuard features the following:

  • Dry, granular polymeric absorbent, in ready to use form
  • Highly effective with high influent concentrations (ppmv)
  • Used as a pre-treatment for carbon or other polishing technologies to extend bed life
  • Easily and quickly disposed of through incineration
  • Labor saving
Example Chemical Removes Absorption Capacity by Weight
BTEX 400%
Xylene 300%
Chlorobenzene 200%
Other aromatic hydrocarbons 300 to 400%


Typical Physical & Chemical Properties
Matrix Structure Elastomeric polymers with inert spaces
Physical Form White Granular powder
Particle Size 0-50 mesh size
Moisture Content <.5%
Apparent Density 14.8 lbs/ft
Heavy Metal Content <.0001%

Note: The presence of surfactants or detergents can significantly affect the absorption capacity of this product.