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SludgeGuard UBSA

SludgeGuard Universal Bulk Solidifier

SludgeGuard UBSA is a bulk waste solidifier that will rapidly convert your oil and water liquid waste to a transportable solid.

SludgeGuard UBSA is a blend of industry accepted absorbents that work as a bulk waste solidifier for sludge removal and more.

SludgeGuard UBSA:
  • Will cut your volume and disposal costs in half.
  • Is ideal for drilling and fracking liquid waste products.
  • Quickly absorbs and solidifies most industrial liquid waste.

It is highly effective with liquid sludge containing water, oil, and other chemicals. Because of its non-hazardous characteristics and natural biodegradability, it is ideally suited for bulk solidification processes and will pass the standard TCLP for landfill disposal.

SludgeGuard UBSA is a fast absorbing bulk waste solidifier that turns industrial sludge into a semi-solid consistency without any chemical changes. This allows for easy and economical transport from processing facility to disposal facility.


  • Solidifies a variety of waste water streams
  • Effective for waste containing both fresh and saline water sludge applications
  • Non-hazardous
  • Paint filter test compliant
  • Low dust generation
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money

How does it work?

As a bulk waste solidifier, the absorbent natural fibers and proprietary enhancers in SludgeGuard UBSA are released when introduced to liquid sludge containing oil and water. Solidification process is rapid once the bales are separated. Once the absorption process begins the liquid constituents are absorbed to form a semi-solid matrix, allowing for easier sludge removal via transport of the material to the appropriate disposal facility.

Absorptive capacity

  • Less increase in bulk to dispose of compared to sawdust, kiln dust or corn cobs
  • Efficiency: cost to solidify sludge significantly less than sawdust, kiln dust, clay or other methods
  • Contains 5-15% super absorbent polymer for more efficient absorption
  • Capacity: approximately 10-35 times it’s own weight of watery sludge

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Appearance: White fluff (compressed)
  • Odor: none
  • Weight per bale: 600 lbs
  • SludgeGuard UBSA is packaged in unique compressed bales for economical transport to your facility.


  • Stable: Yes
  • Hazardous Polymerization: None
  • Reactive: No
  • Incompatible Material: None.
  • Hazardous Decomposition: None.


SludgeGuard UBSA compressed bales will self-separate in liquid and begin to absorb almost immediately. The process can be sped up by mixing or stirring with appropriate power equipment. Fiber cutting and blower machines are available to instantly “fluff” and apply the absorbent to promote even quicker solidification. Custom and stock models are available.

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