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Case Studies

The following case studies regarding the efficacy of our super absorbent polymer products are available for your review.

PetroGuard Suitability for Flammable Solvents & Hazardous Chemicals – Request the document that gives definitive information about various chemicals and their compatibility with PetroGuard with flammable solvents & hazardous chemicals.

PetroGuard Absorbs and Solidifies Titanium Tetrachloride – Request the document that proves the suitability of PetroGuard, a granular polymeric solidifying absorbent, for use as an emergency spill control measure as well as for routine maintenance procedures; this shows the testing of PetroGuard with Titanium Tetrachloride.

PolyGuard Removes BTEX and MTBE from water – This document includes a case study from the University of Massachusetts of a completed on site study of PolyGuard’s ability to remove BTEX and MTBE from water on an actual remediation site conducted by the Massachusetts STEP program.

PetroGuard D Removes Oil from Sand – Request the detailed report and analysis of PetroGuard-D’s ability to remove petroleum hydrocarbons from oil-soaked sand. (This is the Hydro Technologies Analysis of PetroGuard-D’s Treatment on Oil-Soaked Sand.)

HydroGuard SAP Super Absorbent Polymer Case Studies – Request detailed reports of companies that successfully used super absorbent polymers including Superfund sites, environmental infrastructure sites and wastewater sites.

Please contact us to receive a copy of these case studies on solidifying absorbent polymers.