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Wastewater Treatment

Financial and Environmental Risks of Wastewater Treatment and Removal

Running your wastewater treatment plant requires you to be consistent in following the highest standards. It’s a lot of work. There is so much going on.  Operational efficiency is of the utmost importance in wastewater treatment.  There’s meeting sales quotas, keeping the accounting department happy, retaining and hiring qualified staff.  All while always remaining cognizant […]

Reactive chemicals

Stress Free Strategies to Stop Using Numerous Spill Clean-up Products with Reactive Chemicals!

With U.S. manufacturing on the rise, production lines are at full capacity.  Employees are struggling to keep up with workloads and there’s an increase in new hires. This is causing companies to spend thousands of dollars to keep everyone up to speed with procedures regarding the use of all the different spill clean-up products around […]

Does Your Company Have Insurance Against Reactive Chemical Accidents?

Reactive chemicals transported by rail or truck have potential acute health hazards to responders and surrounding neighborhoods.  If an accidental spill or roll over occurs, the result could be catastrophic. Let’s use chlorosilanes as an example of one of those reactive chemicals. Chlorosilanes can release hydrogen as well as hydrogen chloride if spilled.  This makes […]

Reactive chemicals

Dealing With Reactive Chemicals

When we think dangerous chemicals a whole array of compounds come to mind. But, the description of dangerous reactive chemicals is best stated by the University of Iowa Environmental Health and Safety: The category “Reactive” is a term given to a chemical class that displays a broad range of reactions. This category includes explosives, oxidizers, […]