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oil sheen emergency response

Emergency Response Oil Sheen

It was mid-January and Drew was meeting with his emergency response team to discuss the procedures they had in place to keep local downstream fishing rivers and brooks oil sheen free. The area surrounding the facility Drew manages is well known for its amazing fly fishing.  It’s tucked into a beautiful part of the US […]

The magic words we all want to hear

“No residual oil sheen concerns.”  Ahhhhh those are the magic words we want to hear when we follow up with our clients. Makes me think of James, one of my favorite SheenGuard customers.  Every time I call to see how things are going he says, “no residual oil sheen concerns” and proceeds to tell me […]

Loose Absorbents – My light bulb moment

Though I know our loose absorbent specialty products are of the highest quality, as I was working on our website I had one of those “light bulb” moments. I realized most of our customers probably didn’t know what other products we provided besides what they use. We’ve chosen to sell just a few loose absorbent […]

An easy way to implement change

A year ago, we adopted a 5-month-old golden retriever from an organization that rescued 25+ dogs out of a hot, dirty hoarding situation. A dog from a tough situation often resists things as simple as a comfy dog bed, food from the hand, and cuddles from humans.  Why?  Because the old ways are what they […]

Key points to consider with wastewater solidification products.

Choosing wastewater solidification products requires you to follow the highest standards. There’s a lot of work that goes into choosing the right product.  There is so much going on and operational efficiency is of the utmost importance.  There are quotas and budgetary considerations.  And let’s not negate the importance of being cognizant environmental compliance regulations. […]

Efficiency Problems with Floating Oil Sheen Removal Products

When it comes to removing floating oil sheen, compliance issues and regulatory worries can get in the way of business. I was talking to a new customer about his floating oil sheen troubles. He thought he had evaluated every type of “green”, polypropylene, fiber, cellulose, plant-based, and mineral product that promised to remove floating oil […]

Simplify your safety procedures with PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent

When there’s a reactive chemical spill, it takes more than kitty litter and fire fighting foam to keep workers, first responders and local communities safe. Watch this quick video of how one of our customers simplified their maintenance procedures using PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent. To learn more about the benefits of PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent, […]

heating oil spill

Heating Oil Spill Lessons Learned

I parked my car and as I was locking my door all I could smell was spilled heating oil. Now I know the fumes associated with spilled heating oil can be strong.  But if spills are cleaned up quickly and the products used really do their job, then the residual fumes should be minimal, if […]

She said it’s her most powerful tool for an oil spill

“On our trucks it’s our most powerful tool for an oil spill and the best oil spill absorbent we’ve ever used.” That’s what one of our emergency response clients said about our oil spill absorbent, PetroGuard-D and we’re blessed to hear that often from our clients. They’re delighted they don’t have to apply it and […]

The big mistake-prevent oil spills from polluting the environment

You know you need a good plan in place to prevent oil  from polluting the environment.  But do you know how much that plan and the products you’re using are really costing you? The often-made big mistake is not calculating every cost into the equation. A simple reality of today’s workforce environment is that experienced […]