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PetroGuard with Chlorosilane

Unfailing Safety Procedures

Imagine…it’s post COVID and you’re on a private tropical island vacation. What’s the most important thing you need? Well…obviously water….and food.  Or maybe… a nice coconut filled with a pina colada? Wait… The most important thing you need is for your production lines to stay up and running smoothly while you’re on that island. And […]

Chemical Spill Absorbent – A Better Way

Chemical Spill Absorbent – A better way Imagine you’re a newly promoted health and safety manager at a chemical manufacturing plant and you want to make some important changes but…you don’t want to insult your previous boss. That was the circumstance when Sal gave me a call regarding his need for a more advance chemical […]

Dealing with oil sheen during critical times

As we all work to “flatten the curve”, process safety management becomes of the utmost importance. It’s times like this, when supply chain inventories are uncertain and labor power is stretched, that corporate management’s understanding and commitment to safety is vital. We’ve all heard stories of lessons learned during difficult times.  For instance, when basic […]

Spill Clean-up Preparedness

Have you fallen into the “all-purpose” absorbent trap for spill clean-up? There is no such thing as one cheap, quick, and efficient all-purpose spill absorbent. Though all spills require immediate attention, what you use in the spill clean-up process can save you substantial time and money.  And in today’s fast paced business environment, the more […]

SheenGuard Oil Absorbent Sheen Removal Blanket

Stop Overreacting to Oil Sheen

Stop overreacting to oil sheen and be part of the rainbow revolution. A rainbow oil sheen on water can be a persistent problem for facility managers and it often puts them into overreaction mode. There are numerous skimmers, devices and inventions designed to remove standing oil from spills and every day oil leaks at power […]

hazardous material spill

Hazardous Material Spill

A hazardous material spill can pose a risk to the health and safety of your workers, your property and the environment. That’s why, as an EHS Manager you don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight!  Or do you? Let’s say you are the manager at a plant that uses or manufactures a dangerous […]