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oil sheen on water with boom

Oil Sheen Removal – Don’t Settle

When it comes to oil sheen removal, are you settling? Are you doing what you can with what you’ve got? You know those off the shelf products don’t quite do it. But… they are what you’re used to using. Guess what….you don’t have to settle. When it comes to something as important as oil sheen […]

woman doing research on computer

Oil Sheen Removal…Are You Trying too hard? Can that be possible?

When it came to oil sheen removal, they were trying too hard. No matter what Kaitlin and the company she worked for tried to do to get rid of the oil sheen on their ponds and puddles, the booms, pads and skimmers just didn’t do it. When Kaitlin called us, she said nothing they were […]

wastewater solidification

Trust us…you need this money-saving wastewater solidification solution

When it comes to wastewater solidification, you can easily get burnt by those “lost-cost” solidification products.  You unsuspectingly think it could save tons of money. It’s how you they snag you.  But during these inflationary times, “low cost” products can end up costing more than you could ever imagine. Take for example this situation. You […]


When production is running full tilt the last thing you want to do is take employees off the production line to go change out booms that are part of your oil sheen removal system on your holding pond. But it needs to be done, so you do it. They get to the pond, and it […]

You should read this about oil spills

One day as Joe was working the pipeline master control, he noticed an irregularity indicating there was a leak and oil spill from one of the feed lines. He immediately deployed a response team to deal with the leak and oil spill. Fortunately, the response team had PetroGuard-D on hand because a few weeks earlier their […]

Don’t let hauling wastewater strain your bottom line

Hauling wastewater isn’t cheap. What if you could decrease those costs by half? You can do that with SludgeGuard, our bulk waste solidifying products. Here’s what our clients say about these products: they appreciably reduce disposal costs; because it’s so highly absorbent, it reduces the amount of waste discharged to the environment by up to […]


FREE webinar “Learn the benefits of PetroGuard for chemical spill control”.

When a chemical spill occurs time is of the essence.  If you don’t act fast the spill will just get bigger, if not in volume, then in exposure, liability, and overall endangerment. The longer it takes to clean things up the more time, energy, and resources it takes. That’s why it’s important to have a […]

Hazardous Chemical Handling

The hidden costs of hazardous chemical handling

Safety professionals know that hazardous chemical handling comes with countless costs. There’s the cost of management’s time and training when developing the emergency response plan. Costs involved in training your labor force to implement the plan. And the costs of the spill control products used in the plan. Those are all direct costs and calculating […]

reactive chemicals

Reactive chemicals – anticipating what might go wrong.

Anticipating what might go wrong can be nerve wracking.  However, when you work with reactive chemicals it’s a necessary evil that must be done to keep your labor force safe. Being prepared means you have a layered approach to your plan, and it is tested regularly.  You conduct drills, hold regular preparedness training, and use […]

Man fishing

Safety and navigating post vacation anxiety

It’s not uncommon to experience vacation hangover. Sometimes it’s really hard to shift your attention from the serene sounds of loons and your oars slicing the water on a quiet pond to focusing on working with hazardous materials. However, your safety can be at risk if your body is at work but your mind is still in […]