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The magic words we all want to hear

“No residual oil sheen concerns.”  Ahhhhh those are the magic words we want to hear when we follow up with our clients.

Makes me think of James, one of my favorite SheenGuard customers.  Every time I call to see how things are going he says, “no residual oil sheen concerns” and proceeds to tell me jokes and make me laugh.

There’s nothing like adding a little levity to an otherwise serious subject.

We all know that no matter how robust your safety procedures may be, it is crucial to remain vigilant about the potential risks associated with lost petroleum-based fluids from industrial holding ponds or storm drains. These incidents can have far-reaching downstream consequences and should be a top priority for any industry.

By implementing effective containment measures and regular inspections, we can minimize the likelihood of such events and protect the environment.

Experts estimate that a significant percentage, ranging from 70% to 80% of hydraulic fluids escape from systems due to leaks, spills, and other failures.

Petroleum is persistent and toxic, and the responsibility of lubricant releases include significant fines and clean-up costs to the offender.

Even with the best maintenance practices, hydraulic leaks and spills are almost inevitable and some of that ends up in water.  And with that is the insidious oil sheen.

With that in mind, more and more operators are exploring the use SheenGuard Oil Only Absorbent Pillows.

The single best approach to protecting the likelihood of an accidental release due to high production levels is with the use of superior products like SheenGuard pillows.

As demands on systems increase, the likelihood of accidental releases also rises.

This is where SheenGuard pillows prove invaluable.

While oil booms and pads have their limitations, SheenGuard offers a superior solution, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

If you find your current products to be less efficient, discover the power of SheenGuard and join the movement for environmental safety.

Saving our customers’ time and money so you can have peace of mind is our specialty.  So don’t wait.  You are one click away from making your job easier.  Click here to order direct or give us a call 860 350-2200.

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