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Providing practical and time-saving spill response absorbents and bulk solidification Productsproducts since 1992.

If you need a quality oil and chemical spill clean up products at a competitive price, give us a call. We ship our spill response products worldwide and provide the most efficient customer service available.

Solidifying Polymers

Our solidifying polymer products go beyond simply absorbing hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons. When looking for a chemical spill absorbent, oil spill absorbent or a super absorbent polymer, our solidifying polymers are a high-quality spill response solution.

Bulk Solidifiers

Guardian Environmental Technologies bulk waste solidifiers enable hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities, hydraulic-fracking waste water treatment processors and landfill sites to solidify both water-based and oil-based liquid waste more safely, and cost-effectively dispose of waste.

Industrial Absorbents

We offer a complete line of U.S. manufactured, high-quality and environmentally-friendly hazmat, oil only, universal and anti-static industrial spill response products.

Spill Kits

Our spill kits are available with industry standard absorbents or upgrade to our specialty spill response kits featuring PetroGuard and PetroGuard D our proprietary solidifying absorbents.