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SheenGuard Oil Sheen Removal Pillows and Blankets

SheenGuard Oil Absorbent Sheen Removal Pillows and Blankers

SheenGuard oil sheen removal pillows and blankets will protect the environment and surrounding communities by removing floating oil sheen and rainbows.

No matter how solid your procedures are, there is always a concern with lost petroleum-based fluids causing an oil sheen on industrial holding ponds, power station water discharge, in and around storm drains, fuel and oil ship loading areas.

These oil sheens can be persistent, toxic, and can initiate significant fines and clean-up costs to the offender.

SheenGuard oil sheen removal pillows and blankets are a unique specialty product designed exclusively to remove floating oil sheen and rainbows.

SheenGuard pillows and blankets are long-lasting and filled with our proprietary solidifying absorbent, PetroGuard.  They come in standard sizes or can be custom designed to meet your individual needs. The standard sized pillows may be clipped together to form an absorbent blanket of almost any practical length.

Specially constructed and manufactured to prevent sinking, SheenGuard oil absorbent sheen removal pillows and blankets remain on the surface of water absorbing all traces of oil and sheen.

SheenGuard oil sheen removal pillows and blankets are ideal for use on industrial holding ponds and clarification ponds in combination with other intermediate steps prior to water discharge.

They are effectively used in place of a containment oil boom. Perfect for contained bodies of water such as shipyards, harbors, marinas and onshore areas where the presence of standing oil sheen is likely to occur.

SheenGuard blankets and pillows are constructed to the highest quality standards and are manufactured in the USA.


  • Non-leaching even during handling enhancing safety procedures for workers.
  • Helps to meet government regulations because they are exclusively designed to remove oil sheen.
  • Long lasting which significantly reduces labor hours.
  • Easy placement and reduced maintenance.
  • Superior construction and can be custom fitted to insure stability in all conditions.


SheenGuard removes floating sheen and rainbows in:

  • Industrial holding ponds
  • Storm drains
  • Power station water discharge
  • Fuel and oil ship loading areas
  • Military applications
  • Many more……

Please contact us regarding a custom designed sheen removal blanket for your exact specifications and application requirements.

Standard Size Options

SGP24 SheenGuard 24″ X 24″ long-life oil sheen removal absorbent pillow containing PetroGuard D. Attach together to form any length blanket/boom.
SGB36 SheenGuard 36″ X 36″ long-life oil sheen removal absorbent pillow containing PetroGuard D. Attach together to form any length blanket/boom.
Custom Constructed to your specifications.
Contact us for more details.


Example Chemical RemoveD Absorption Capacity by Weight
Oils and other petroleum products 400%
Xylene 300%
Chlorobenzene 200%
PCBs 200%


Click here to read the Department of Fish and Game’s response to SheenGuard as an example of a product that meets environmental standards.

Clean up and remove floating oil and sheens


Graphic depiction of a SheenGuard blanket being used to remove oil from inland water and tidal areas.