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SheenGuard Oil Sheen Removal Pillows and Blankets

SheenGuard long-lasting pillows and blankets are a unique specialty product designed exclusively to remove floating oil sheen and rainbows.

Used in place of a containment oil boom, SheenGuard pillows and blankets are specially constructed and manufactured to float, prevent sinking, and remain on the surface of water absorbing all traces of oil and sheen.Oil Sheen Removal Pillow


  • Non-leaching even during handling,  enhancing safety procedures for workers.
  • The exclusive design of these products makes them ideal for meeting government regulations.
  • Long lasting which significantly reduces labor hours.
  • Absorption capacity for oils and other petroleum products 4:1
  • Easy placement and reduced maintenance.
  • Superior construction and can be clipped together to meet almost any specification.

Where used:

  • Industrial holding ponds
  • Storm drains
  • Power station water discharge
  • Fuel and oil ship loading areas
  • Military applications
  • Many more……

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Standard Size Options

SGP24 SheenGuard 24″ X 24″ floating sheen removal pillow for water.
SGB36 SheenGuard 36″ X 36″ 36”X36” floating sheen removal pillow for water.

Oil Sheen Removal Custom Blanket

Contact us regarding a custom designed sheen removal blanket for your exact specifications and application requirements.