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Chemical Spill Absorbent
Oil Spill Absorbent - PetroGuard-D

This loose absorbent will instantly absorb, solidify and encapsulate oil spills. Read More

Chemical Spill Absorbent - PetroGuard

Instantly absorb, solidify and encapsulate water reactive chemical spills with this loose absorbent. Read More

wastewater solidification
Bulk Solidifiers

Absorb and solidify up to 10x their weight with less volume while reducing operating costs and meeting regulatory compliance for oil, gas and fracking waste treatment. Read More

Oil Sheen Removal Products
Oil Sheen and Hazmat Pillows and Blankets

Remove floating oil sheen and rainbow or absorb, solidify and immobilize hazardous chemicals with these long-lasting pillows and blankets. Read More

About Guardian

Spill Response & Bulk Solidification

Guardian Environmental Technologies is a specialty products company providing spill response & bulk solidification products.

When it comes to spill response & bulk solidification products, Guardian Environmental Technologies strives to provide the most efficient and economical products in the industry.

We have years of industry experience, allowing us to navigate supply-chain operations and objectives to the benefit of our clients. Thus we are able to provide competitive pricing for private sector clients.

In addition to providing efficient and economical products, Guardian Environmental Technologies strives to educate in the field of spill cleanup and bulk solidification. Through case studiesvideos, and our blog, we provide valuable industry knowledge and expertise.

Contact us for an in-depth analysis.  Let us show you how we can economically increase your efficiency.

Helping our customers choose the right product is our specialty.  Give us a call and see why our customers trust us to provide them with efficient and cost effective spill control and solidification products, 203 885-2019.

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