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Oil Sheen

Dealing with Oil Sheen on Water

The USEPA has very specific requirements on reporting oil sheen on water otherwise known as the “Sheen Rule”. Rule Overview: “The Discharge of Oil regulation is more commonly known as the “sheen rule.” Under the Clean Water Act, this rule provides the framework for determining whether an oil spill should be reported to the federal government. […]


Higher oil prices will lead to an explosion of growth in U.S. shale production, according to revised predictions from both OPEC and the IEA. According to Deloitte, the surge in domestic production of shale gas and tight oil—resulting from the technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—has created an unprecedented demand for infrastructure to […]

PetroGuard for Reactive Chemicals

Response to reactive chemicals

Are you a fire chief, emergency responder, or environmental health and safety manager? Since so many reactive chemicals are transported by rail or truck, what would happen in the case of an accidental spill or roll over?  The potential acute health hazards to responders and surrounding neighborhoods could be catastrophic. Let’s use chlorosilanes as an […]

reactive chemical spills

Treating Reactive Chemical Spills

All industrial facilities should have facility response plans in place to comply with published regulations related to treating reactive chemical spills.  Treating reactive chemical spills, both large and small, requires more than just the usual hazmat products used in a facility response plan. Let’s take for example industries that work with alkali metals. Sodium is […]

wastewater and sludge

Wastewater and Sludge Disposal

Wastewater and sludge disposal can be a dirty and expensive business.  Even if the product used to solidify the wastewater and sludge is free, landfill fees, labor costs and the number of trucks needed to dispose of the solidified matrix adds up quickly.  Then, what happens when the FREE solidifying agent leeches or leaks water?  […]

HydroGuard in use

An easy miscalculation with wastewater or sludge solidification and stabilization

If you think you are saving money using kiln dust, corn cobs, sawdust, etc. for your wastewater or sludge solidification and stabilization….think again! Our Sludgeguard bulking agents for wastewater or sludge treatment are a better solution. #savemoney       Since 1992 Guardian has helped customers enhance their overall safety and productivity by providing practical […]