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Efficiency Problems with Floating Oil Sheen Removal Products

When it comes to removing floating oil sheen, compliance issues and regulatory worries can get in the way of business.Floating Oil Sheen

I was talking to a new customer about his floating oil sheen troubles.

He thought he had evaluated every type of “green”, polypropylene, fiber, cellulose, plant-based, and mineral product that promised to remove floating oil sheen.  None of them seemed to get the job done.

His testing found each product to have high absorption capacities.  However, there were common problems.  It took too long for each product to absorb the oil sheen, they needed to be changed often, and oil was released upon removal.  Overall, his testing showed that they were not very efficient.

Because environmental regulations for floating oil sheen are being scrutinized on every level, we all know lack of efficiency brings on worries of non-compliance fines or even business shutdown.

Efficiently is the name of the game with our SheenGuard products.  They are filled with PetroGuard-D, one of our high efficiency, proprietary polymer products and they are built specifically to pick up oil sheen.  Better yet, because PetroGuard-D instantly absorbs and encapsulates oil, SheenGuard pillows and blankets absorb the sheen quickly and keep on working for an exceedingly long time.

Without challenge the use of our SheenGuard products for the removal of floating oil sheen is far more efficient and labor cost saving than other products.  It’s simple…SheenGuard is works quickly, it’s long-lasting, non-leeching and saves on labor.

Our customers are incredibly happy to be using far fewer SheenGuard products compared to all the other products they’ve tried.

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