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Loose Absorbents – My light bulb moment

Though I know our loose absorbent specialty products are of the highest quality, as I was working on our website I had one of those “light bulb” moments.loose absorbents that bridge the gap

I realized most of our customers probably didn’t know what other products we provided besides what they use.

We’ve chosen to sell just a few loose absorbent products because they bridge the gap between customer frustration and satisfaction.

Too often commodity booms, pillows and loose absorbents just don’t deliver and time and money get wasted.

So let me briefly introduce you to our five specialty products.

I’ll start with PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent, it’s our most popular product.

If you work around reactive chemicals, hazardous hydrocarbons and silicone-based chemicals, there’s nothing like PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent.

  • It rapidly absorbs and encapsulates the reactive chemical.
  • Flammable or toxic vapor production is eliminated or greatly minimized.
  • The absorbed chemical becomes impervious to water.
  • Clean-up is safer and requires less labor.
  • Exposure time to hazardous chemicals is significantly reduced.
  • It has a low volumetric increase of <=15% and rapidly absorbs.
  • It is non-leaching and non-exothermic.
  • It is easily disposed of by incineration or landfill.

PetroGuard-D is our Oil Spill Absorbent.  We sell it both as a loose absorbent and fill our SheenGuard pillows with it.

It is an easy-to-use loose absorbent that works instantly to absorb, solidify, and encapsulate liquid hydrocarbons and petroleum products and turn them into non-leaching solids.

  • It instantly absorbs and encapsulates the oil.
  • It is non-leaching even under pressure.
  • It is permanently buoyant, will not dissolve in water.
  • Because it creates a non-leaching solid, it is easily swept up or skimmed from the surface of water.
  • It is non-toxic, cost effective, labor saving and disposed of by incineration or landfill.

SheenGuard Oil Sheen Removal Pillows and Blankets runs a close second to PetroGuard with customer favorability.

SheenGuard long-lasting pillows and blankets are designed exclusively to remove floating oil sheen and rainbows.

Used in place of a containment oil boom, they are specially constructed and manufactured to float, prevent sinking, and remain on the surface of water absorbing all traces of oil and sheen.  They are:

  • Non-leaching even during handling enhancing safety procedures for workers.
  • The exclusive design of these products makes them ideal for meeting government regulations.
  • Long lasting which significantly reduces labor hours.
  • Easy placement and reduced maintenance time.
  • Superior construction and can be clipped together to meet almost any specification.

PetroGuard Hazmat Pillows are super quick and easy to use.

Filled with PetroGuard Chemical Spill Absorbent, these hazmat pillows are known for speed, quality, efficiency, and absorption capacity.  They give greater absorption per square inch than (6) 5″ cylindrical booms.  Overall this results in significant cost savings and safer clean-up.

  • One pillow has the equivalent surface area per linear foot of (6) 5’ conventional socks or booms.
  • They significantly reduce labor hours because they are so long-lasting and can be reused compared to polypropylene booms and pillows.
  • Handing of the pillows is safer because oils or chemicals are absorbed and encapsulated and will not leach or re-release, even under pressure.
  • Long lasting and the ability for reuse reduces costs.

Then there’s SludgeGuard our Universal Bulk Solidifier

Using SludgeGuard as a bulk solidifier will save you money on hauling and disposal expenses.  It has a high absorption capacity, is lightweight, and safe to landfills.

When mixed with industrial water-based liquid waste and sludge, it produces a semi-solid, stable, and easy to manage matrix.  That matrix can then easily be loaded and managed using conventional equipment and stored in proper containers while awaiting transport for disposal.

We’ve taken our 25+ years of experience helping clients and streamlined our systems to make ordering fast and easy, whether you place an order by calling us or using our e-commerce option.

This is the perfect time to peruse our small but mighty product line by clicking here.  Maybe you too might have your own flash of lightning moment.

Until next time,