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Emergency Response Oil Sheen

It was mid-January and Drew was meeting with his emergency response team to discuss the procedures they had in place to keep local downstream fishing rivers and brooks oil sheen free.

The area surrounding the facility Drew manages is well known for its amazing fly fishing.  It’s tucked into a beautiful part of the US and it is surrounded by pristine rivers, streams, and lakes.

Drew was surprised with the input from his team.  Why hadn’t they talked about this sooner?

The discussion focused on three critical parts of the current system:

  • How often they had to replace the booms;
  • the quality of the booms;
  • and the residual oil left behind when removing the boom.

It seemed every time it rained the boom would sink and they had to replace it.  Aside from that, the boom always leaked oil back into the water as it was being removed.

Three simple yet essential time-consuming, expensive and potentially problematic aspects of the process.

Do you have any experience with similar issues?

Does holding back oil sheen frustrate you and your staff?

Well imagine if you could deploy a system that didn’t have to be changed out for 6 months and didn’t leak oil upon removal?

Instead of wasting time and money using the same old products, you could deploy a long-lasting SheenGuard system, leave it in place, and free up your team to go about their business.

SheenGuard is a unique specialty product designed exclusively to remove floating oil sheen.

SheenGuard pillows are specially manufactured to float, prevent sinking, remain on the surface of water absorbing all traces of oil and sheen and will not leak oil back into the water upon removal.

Don’t settle for just another sorbent boom or pillow.  Upgrade your facility’s procedures to a SheenGuard system and enjoy its minimal maintenance.

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