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PetroGuard hazmat pillows are quick!

PetroGuard Hazmat Pillows

Filled with PetroGuard, these hazmat pillows are know known for speed, quality, efficiency, and absorption capacity of over 4:1.  They give greater absorption per square inch than (6) 5′ cylindrical booms.  Overall this results in significant cost savings and safer clean-up.


  • One PetroGuard hazmat pillow has the equivalent surface area per linear foot of (6) 5’ conventional socks or booms.
  • They significantly reduce labor hours because they are so long-lasting compared to polypropylene booms and pillows.
  • Handing of the pillows is safer because oils or chemicals are absorbed and encapsulated and will not leach or re-release, even under pressure.
  • Long lasting which significantly reduces labor hours.
  • Easy placement and reduced maintenance.

Where Used:

  • Anywhere where reactive or other hazardous chemicals and oils are used around plant production and storage areas.
  • During maintenance procedures.
  • Around shop and work areas.
  • Storage facilities.
  • On first responder trucks for quick response.
  • Any hard surface area where conventional socks and pillows are used.
  • Military installations.
  • Anywhere where loose particulate is not practical.

Standard Size Options

24″x24″ features reinforced grommets on each corner for clipping together

36″x36″ features reinforced grommets on each corner for clipping together

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