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Wastewater Treatment

Financial and Environmental Risks of Wastewater Treatment and Removal

Running your wastewater treatment plant requires you to be consistent in following the highest standards. It’s a lot of work. There is so much going on.  Operational efficiency is of the utmost importance in wastewater treatment.  There’s meeting sales quotas, keeping the accounting department happy, retaining and hiring qualified staff.  All while always remaining cognizant […]

Facility Response Plan

Does your Facility Response Plan Include a Superhero?

Industrial facilities all over the country send and receive large shipments of hazardous chemicals and oil products every day.  Each facility features systems to comply with federal regulations related to hazardous chemical or oil spills that occur during the loading and off-loading of products, as well as routine facility maintenance. Maybe it’s time you look […]

Reactive chemicals

Dealing With Reactive Chemicals

When we think dangerous chemicals a whole array of compounds come to mind. But, the description of dangerous reactive chemicals is best stated by the University of Iowa Environmental Health and Safety: The category “Reactive” is a term given to a chemical class that displays a broad range of reactions. This category includes explosives, oxidizers, […]