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Don’t let hauling wastewater strain your bottom line

Hauling wastewater isn’t cheap. What if you could decrease those costs by half? You can do that with SludgeGuard, our bulk waste solidifying products. Here’s what our clients say about these products: they appreciably reduce disposal costs; because it’s so highly absorbent, it reduces the amount of waste discharged to the environment by up to […]


FREE webinar “Learn the benefits of PetroGuard for chemical spill control”.

When a chemical spill occurs time is of the essence.  If you don’t act fast the spill will just get bigger, if not in volume, then in exposure, liability, and overall endangerment. The longer it takes to clean things up the more time, energy, and resources it takes. That’s why it’s important to have a […]

Hazardous Chemical Handling

The hidden costs of hazardous chemical handling

Safety professionals know that hazardous chemical handling comes with countless costs. There’s the cost of management’s time and training when developing the emergency response plan. Costs involved in training your labor force to implement the plan. And the costs of the spill control products used in the plan. Those are all direct costs and calculating […]

reactive chemicals

Reactive chemicals – anticipating what might go wrong.

Anticipating what might go wrong can be nerve wracking.  However, when you work with reactive chemicals it’s a necessary evil that must be done to keep your labor force safe. Being prepared means you have a layered approach to your plan, and it is tested regularly.  You conduct drills, hold regular preparedness training, and use […]

Man fishing

Safety and navigating post vacation anxiety

It’s not uncommon to experience vacation hangover. Sometimes it’s really hard to shift your attention from the serene sounds of loons and your oars slicing the water on a quiet pond to focusing on working with hazardous materials. However, your safety can be at risk if your body is at work but your mind is still in […]

Made in America

Guardian Environmental Technologies is proud to partner with Enpac.

Our newest partner, ENPAC will now be using SheenGuard mini pillows with their storm sentinel line. The storm sentinel line protects stormwater runoff from pollutants and is a critical component of any spill prevention plan. ENPAC storm sentinel line, complimented with our SheenGuard mini pillows, makes it easy to filter water and contain contaminants, protecting […]


Nobody wants to leave money on the table

Have you ever looked back on a situation and realized you paid a big price because of your decision? I think all of us have at some point in our lives. Learning from the past and putting lessons learned into practice is one of the best ways you can be helpful to your company in […]

First responder

First Responders. The unsung heroes of your company

Who are the unsung heroes of your company? They are your company’s first responders. We all know them. They’re part of the team.  They come to work every day, do their job, help others, and go home to their families. They are the ones who do great deeds but receive little recognition. First responders are […]


How to handle irritation in a positive way.

Oh those nagging sources of irritation that just pile on stress. Like the limitations associated with conventional spill control products. With conventional spill control products you have to build your safety procedures around the limitations of the products. We all know that even with the best safety procedures in place, spills happen.  And when they […]

Oil Sheen on Water

Oil sheen on water and knee replacements

What do oil sheen on water and a knee replacement have in common? We….do you know anyone who has had a knee replacement that didn’t work the first time? I have a friend who has had the same knee replaced three times. Her story reminds me of what we hear from our customers regarding their […]