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Head pig in charge of chemical spills

Chemical Spills-One Smart Pig

Once upon a time at a very busy chemical facility, there worked three pigs who were charged with responding to chemical spills. They were given this responsibility because they were competent, strong, bright and forward looking, not steeped in the old ways. Far be it for any of the pigs to resort to what had […]

Leaking feed lines

Leaking feed lines…

Meet Henry, Henry’s job is to keep leaking feed lines from becoming a problem. Why would leaking feed lines be a problem?  Because the feed lines supplied not only lubricating oils to the plant, but some also carried a few highly flammable liquids including reactive chemicals.  Keeping these leaks under control required not only stopping […]

Fuel Oil Spill

Fuel oil spill clean-up

Nowadays you read a lot about this type of “new” fuel oil spill clean-up product or that type of “new” fuel oil spill absorbent. They all claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they can’t hold a candle to the clear champ, PetroGuard-D. Our client Paul found that out when he had […]


Keep it Clean with SheenGuard

No matter how solid your procedures are, there is always a concern with lost petroleum-based fluids on industrial holding ponds, power station water discharge, in and around storm drains, fuel and oil ship loading areas, and more. Industry experts estimate that 70 to 80% of hydraulic fluids leave systems through leaks, spills, line breakage, and […]

The magic is in the oil spill clean-up!

The magic is in the oil spill clean-up!

Can oil spill clean-up be easy? On February 17th Marc was on-site working as a Senior Field Service Technician for an upstream oil and gas company.  He really didn’t feel like being at work that day because his wife was about to have their first baby.  But, as a Senior Field Service Technician, he knew […]

Keeping it Clean with SheenGuard

Imagine you are home on a Saturday.  You have some friends and family over and you grilling up some burgers.  Then you get the call…you are the EHS Manager of a manufacturing operation that uses petroleum-based fluids and there’s been a substantial spill. You think…we are in full production.  I’ve got to get there.  You […]

Wastewater Treatment

Financial and Environmental Risks of Wastewater Treatment and Removal

Running your wastewater treatment plant requires you to be consistent in following the highest standards. It’s a lot of work. There is so much going on.  Operational efficiency is of the utmost importance in wastewater treatment.  There’s meeting sales quotas, keeping the accounting department happy, retaining and hiring qualified staff.  All while always remaining cognizant […]