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Spill Clean-up Preparedness

Have you fallen into the “all-purpose” absorbent trap for spill clean-up? There is no such thing as one cheap, quick, and efficient all-purpose spill absorbent. Though all spills require immediate attention, what you use in the spill clean-up process can save you substantial time and money.  And in today’s fast paced business environment, the more […]

SheenGuard Oil Absorbent Sheen Removal Blanket

Stop Overreacting to Oil Sheen

Stop overreacting to oil sheen and be part of the rainbow revolution. A rainbow oil sheen on water can be a persistent problem for facility managers and it often puts them into overreaction mode. There are numerous skimmers, devices and inventions designed to remove standing oil from spills and every day oil leaks at power […]

hazardous material spill

Hazardous Material Spill

A hazardous material spill can pose a risk to the health and safety of your workers, your property and the environment. That’s why, as an EHS Manager you don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight!  Or do you? Let’s say you are the manager at a plant that uses or manufactures a dangerous […]

Oil Sheen Headache

Oil Sheen Headaches

Oil sheen headaches. Are you having trouble removing oil sheen and rainbow from a body of water, which may have critical implications when leading to public waters? Local and Federal regulators can get very perturbed if they discover oil sheens on waters flowing into streams or rivers. They also can get very annoyed at seeing […]

pipeline oil leak

Pipeline Oil Leaks

Pilpeline oil leaks and smart pigs. The pipeline had been in place and operating without any hitches or incidents for over two years when Al, who was working in the Master Control Room noticed an anomaly that alerted him that there may be a leak along one of the feeder lines. Since all equipment along […]

Head pig in charge of chemical spills

Chemical Spills-One Smart Pig

Once upon a time at a very busy chemical facility, there worked three pigs who were charged with responding to chemical spills. They were given this responsibility because they were competent, strong, bright and forward looking, not steeped in the old ways. Far be it for any of the pigs to resort to what had […]

Leaking feed lines

Leaking feed lines…

Meet Henry, Henry’s job is to keep leaking feed lines from becoming a problem. Why would leaking feed lines be a problem?  Because the feed lines supplied not only lubricating oils to the plant, but some also carried a few highly flammable liquids including reactive chemicals.  Keeping these leaks under control required not only stopping […]

Emergency Response

Emergency response late in the night…

It was late in the night on a clear, spring evening. Sam was tasked as part of the on-duty emergency response team when he got the dreaded call. “Sam, we have a problem!” There was a breach in a feed line supplying a highly reactive chemical and he and his team needed to perform an […]

Fuel Oil Spill

Fuel oil spill clean-up

Nowadays you read a lot about this type of “new” fuel oil spill clean-up product or that type of “new” fuel oil spill absorbent. They all claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they can’t hold a candle to the clear champ, PetroGuard-D. Our client Paul found that out when he had […]


Keep it Clean with SheenGuard

No matter how solid your procedures are, there is always a concern with lost petroleum-based fluids on industrial holding ponds, power station water discharge, in and around storm drains, fuel and oil ship loading areas, and more. Industry experts estimate that 70 to 80% of hydraulic fluids leave systems through leaks, spills, line breakage, and […]