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oil sheen on water with boom

Oil Sheen Removal – Don’t Settle

When it comes to oil sheen removal, are you settling?

Are you doing what you can with what you’ve got?

You know those off the shelf products don’t quite do it.

But… they are what you’re used to using.

Guess what….you don’t have to settle.

When it comes to something as important as oil sheen on water, you have options.

And the perfect option is a SheenGuard oil sheen control solution.

Let me explain.

What if you were to purchase a sheen control product, deployed it onto the water and saw it start to work instantly?

Then you schedule your crew to remove it in the usual amount of time.  But your crew comes back and reports it’s still working like new,

Once you find it is time to change out your SheenGuard products, you pull them off the water, and not a spec of sheen is released back into the water.

That’s how SheenGuard products work for our customers.

SheenGuard saves them money in time, labor and the possibility of EPA penalties.

If you are interested in learning more about efficient, time saving sheen control solutions, let’s talk.  Call us at 860 350-2200.

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