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Trust us…you need this money-saving wastewater solidification solution

When it comes to wastewater solidification, you can easily get burnt by those “lost-cost” solidification products.  You unsuspectingly think it could save tons of money. It’s how you they snag you.  But during these inflationary times, “low cost” products can end up costing more than you could ever imagine.

Take for example this situation. You need to solidify industrial wastewater.  You find several lost-cost truckloads of ground corn cobs or sawdust. You think “Wow! I this is a “perfect” solution to our wastewater and sludge solidification problems.

Until the ground corn-cob solidified wastewater is picked up by your hauling company.

Talk about burning money!  Using corn cobs or sawdust for bulk solidification can add significant weight and volume to your waste and since most hauling companies charge by volume/weight, well, you get the picture.

You’re the hero until the fateful day when the hauling company bill arrives showing the price of hauling these very heavy supposedly low-cost products.

There is a way to stop burning your company’s precious cash.

Consider using SludgeGuard-P  It will treat the same amount of waste with far less material.

You end up with less bulk to transport and dispose. Want proof? Let’s take a look at the numbers!

The 520 tons of waste requires 58 tons of our highly absorbent light weight solidifier SludgeGuard-P. It would require 263 tons of the “low cost” material.

So, the next time you’re sourcing wastewater solidifiers and come across one of those low-cost products, don’t get burnt.  Instead choose a high absorbent, environmentally friendly bulk solidifier like SludgeGuard-P.

Want more information?  Start with a free cost comparison by just clicking here and give us a little information.  We’ll be happy to let you know how SludgeGuard-P will be a cost-saving fit for your sludge and wastewater solidification needs.

At Guardian Environmental Technologies we assist industries, government agencies and prime contractors who handle hazardous chemicals and oil and gas with spill control and solidification solutions.

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