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The big mistake-prevent oil spills from polluting the environment

You know you need a good plan in place to prevent oil  from polluting the environment.  But do you know how much that plan and the products you’re using are really costing you?

The often-made big mistake is not calculating every cost into the equation.

A simple reality of today’s workforce environment is that experienced labor resources are dwindling, new hires are harder to find and training takes time.

A little oil or lubricant can cause a big clean burden.

Given the hundreds of places oil and other lubricants are used, it’s inevitable that some will spill.

Many plants use one or more oil removal method, but each has costly limitations.

And with new workforce and regulation challenges, the same old products and systems might be costing you more than you think.

For example booms are used to dam up and absorb oil or grease resulting from accidents or routine operation of machinery.

Then there’s the need for pads and degreasers to clean up the spill even more.  And add in operational downtime and the time your workforce is away from their normal responsibilities while cleaning things up.

Let’s not forget about the cost of several different materials, labor costs for ordering, stocking, keeping inventory, application training, actual time it takes for spent product removal and the costs involved in collection and disposal of your used materials.

The costs add up very quickly.

Is it possible to remove oil without adding layers of expense?

The answer is yes.

If your organization has problems with oil or lubricant spills, consider the cost saving benefits of PetroGuard-D. It works instantly.  All you do is take a some PetroGuard-D and make a little berm around the spill, sprinkle some PetroGuard-D on the spill, it instantly encapsulates the oil and is ready to be swept up and collected.

And there’s added benefits like it’s completely non leaching even under pressure, you only need one product, and it’s easily collected and disposed of by incineration or landfill.

So you gotta ask yourself, when it comes to oil spill clean-up, are the products you’re using really worth it?

Contact us below or give us a call and let’s talk about a new, easier and more cost-effective solution.  I promise you it will be worth it.  860 350-2200

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