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Oil sheen on water

How can an oil sheen on water be like flying off an aircraft carrier

How can an oil sheen on water be like flying off an aircraft carrier.

In my earlier days I flew off aircraft carriers.  It was dangerous, thrilling and the odds weren’t always on the pilot’s side.

It took precision skill to land that aircraft in the middle of the ocean.  Every landing was different because the conditions of the ocean were always changing.

It’s a little like trying to solve your oil sheen on water problems.  Every situation is different because the conditions are always different.

Whether you are the safety manager at a large chemical plant or run a small marina, using conventional polypropylene pillows and booms can be very frustrating because there will always be a small amount of floating oil sheen left behind.  Or better yet having to pull them out of polluted water because they sunk….only to watch the oil leave that “rainbow” behind.

What a complete waste of time and money.

Well you have an option.

It’s our line of SheenGuard products.  Our SheenGuard products will remove ALL the floating sheen.  Yes…all of it and they stay in place for a long period of time without sinking.   Our SheenGuard custom designed pillow and blanket booms are our specialty.

They are flexible enough to cover difficult areas and best of all, SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

SheenGuard blankets and pillows are constructed to the highest quality standard and can last for months.  They even have built in flotation which means they continue to float even when saturated.

We are proud to custom design and manufacture SheenGuard blankets and pillows to almost any shape or size, as we now do for many of our customers.

If you are looking for a way to really get rid of those pesky oil sheens and oil pollution, contact us for a quote specific to your application.

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