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SludgeGuard Universal Bulk Solidifier

SludgeGuard Universal Bulk Solidifier will lower your disposal costs and save you money.

Using SludgeGuard will help you save money on hauling and disposal expenses because it has a high absorption capacity, is lightweight, and is not hazardous to landfills.

SludgeGuard is highly recommended for most industrial waste and sludge solidification applications because of it’s high efficiency, effectiveness and utility.

As a universal bulk solidifier, SludgeGuard is used to treat liquid and water-based sludge.

When mixed with industrial waste and sludge, it produces a semi-solid, stable and easy to handle matrix.  That matrix can then be easily be loaded and handled using conventional equipment and stored in proper containers while awaiting transport for disposal.


  • SludgeGuard:


    • average absorption factor 5-10:1, weight 3.5 lbs/cubic foot
  • Corn cobs, fly ash and sawdust:
    • average absorption factor 1:1, weight will vary depending on water content (the more water the lower the absorption factor)
  • Clay weight 25 lbs/cubic foot making it significantly more costly to dispose of:
    • average absorption: 3:1

SludgeGuard is not compatible with hydrofluoric acid.







Bulk bags @ 400 lbs. ea. +/-  sold by the pallet of (2)

55-Gallon Drum @ 40 lbs. ea. +/- sold by the drum

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