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Disposal Costs for Fracking & Drilling Waste Water

Gas-WellA 2011 report from Pennsylvania Fracking stated “disposal of water can be expensive, with some contractors charging $8 to dispose of each 42-gallon barrel. Disposal can also be time consuming, especially in some remote areas of Pennsylvania, where waste water must be transported via truck to Ohio due to a lack of injection wells in the state.”

There are options to bring these costs down, some of which include high capital costs, re-injecting treated and cleaned water back into wells for reuse and some low cost solidification products that can bring the cost to treat a gallon of waste water down to $.08/gallon. However most operators are still using sawdust, corn cobs, kiln dust and ordinary tailings to stabilize the liquids prior to transportation to a disposal site. Often the costs for these methods can exceed $.33/gallon or $14/barrel as opposed to $3.45/barrel when using special solidifiers.

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