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Fuel Oil Spill

Fuel oil spill clean-up

Nowadays you read a lot about this type of “new” fuel oil spill clean-up product or that type of “new” fuel oil spill absorbent. They all claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they can’t hold a candle to the clear champ, PetroGuard-D.

Our client Paul found that out when he had to respond to a spill on a highway from a fuel truck that had overturned and began leaking fuel oil onto the highway.

Of course, the first thing Paul and his team did was to contain the spill with conventional booms.  But then they were faced with what to do about getting the spilled fuel oil up off the ground?

Paul had been using oil absorbent pads in the past.  He and his team found them to be very limited in what they could do, and they tended to release the oil when they were picked up or handled when fully saturated.  So, they still were faced with a mess to clean up.

That’s why Paul and his team started using PetroGuard-D solidifying absorbent powder.  He found PetroGuard-D to be a different approach to an old problem.

You see, once PetroGuard-D comes in contact with something like fuel oil, it will immediately absorb and solidify the oil, a process we call “enhanced molecular capture”. When you apply PetroGuard-D, you permanently solidify and lock in the oil.  You can even pick up the solidified matrix with your fingers…although we still recommend using a shovel and broom!

Even more so, Paul and his team have found PetroGuard-D to be extremely cost effective, fast acting, easy to collect and dispose of (his company just incinerates it).  All that saves appreciably on labor costs.

Oh, and did we mention that PetroGuard-D has an absorption capacity of 3 to 4 times its own weight? And, once the oil is absorbed you can run over the solidified matrix with a 10-ton truck and not get any oil out of it?  Try that with any other absorbent.

And one more thing. The solidified matrix, burns at a clean 18,000+ btu’ s making it a perfect fuel additive for co-generation plants. Another benefit Paul and his team appreciate.

BTW, we neglected to mention that PetroGuard-D is completely non-toxic. It can even be used in contact with food products without fear of contamination.

So, there you have it. Don’t be the last kid on block to discover PetroGuard-D!  Call us today 860 350-2200.