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Just how prepared are Y-O-U!

It is always safe to know what to do in the event of a chemical spill. Chemical spills are not common but when they happen they need to be cleaned correctly and efficiently. If you are around any type of chemicals you should know what to do when a chemical spill occurs.

Every plant has procedures in place to prevent spills…but let’s face it they happen. Often times they are “unreportable” and other times they cause such risks that the building needs to be evacuated.
In most cases the spills are just a matter of routine maintenance requiring nothing more than simple clean up.
However that simple clean up can become labor intensive if you don’t have the right products ready. Every plant that deals with hazardous chemicals has spill kits located in areas that are easy to access.

Plant personnel rely on those spill kits to have everything they need to clean up the minor chemical spill. Most of these kits include absorbent socks, pillows, pads, trash bags all neatly packed in a container to use to dispose of the used materials.

But what happens when traditional socks, pillows and pads can’t do the job? More products have to be used. Or what happens when the materials used to clean up the spill re-release the hazardous chemicals? More products have to be used.

Anyone that works with or handles hazardous chemicals has their response plan memorized. But it’s easy to forget that plan when the spill kit products don’t do the job according to plan. That’s when a simple “unreportable” spill turns into and expensive chaotic situation.

We have a very simple solution to this potentially expensive situation. It is our PetroGuard spill kits. These kits contain everything you’ll need and more! Because in addition to the conventional absorbent socks, pillows, pads, etc. our spill kits contain PetroGuard.

PetroGuard is a proprietary solidifying polymer blend with a high absorbent capacity. It is one of the most efficient absorbents available being many times more efficient and cost effective than conventional “oil dry” or “kitty litter” type products. The most unique and important characteristic of PetroGuard is that once absorbed, liquids will not be released (leach), even under pressure. Even the production of toxic vapors is dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Why not prevent chaos and save money by stocking our PetroGuard spill kits. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with economical solutions to potentially expensive problems. For more information contact us here.