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OSCAR Oil Spill Containment and Removal System



Oil Spill Containment And Removal SYSTEM


Meet OSCAR, Guardian’s “spokes-otter” shouting about our new and  proprietary containment and removal system. OSCAR utilizes both the proven technology of floating containment Guardian’s proprietary system design.

For the first time there’s a complete system to contain and remove floating oil and sheens with one device.

“OSCAR” is not your everyday polypropylene or cellulose absorbent blanket. OSCAR is custom in design and contains a choice of any of our highly effective absorbents.

Here’s how different OSCAR is!

Unlike polypropylene or cellulose absorbent booms and socks used with conventional systems, OSCAR provides more surface area, is easy to handle, secure and efficient.  OSCAR is so adaptable it can be arranged and modified to accommodate almost any application.

Because OSCAR uses special and a variety of high capacity absorbents based on individual needs and requirements, OSCAR gives you maximum flexibility not found with other products. Best of all, OSCAR actually works, removing all traces of floating oil sheen.


OSCAR’s Special Features

  • Control and remove oil sheen and rainbow with one device.
  • Contain spilled oil to prevent migration with the latest containment boom technology.
  • Long lasting – keep in place for long periods of time for oil sheen control.
  • Easily change-out blankets and replace with boom in place.
  • Use it in conjunction with most oil skimmers.

Where OSCAR Is Used

  • Ideal for industrial holding ponds and water outlets.
  • Harbors, protected ports, inlets, ponds, lagoons, lakes.
  • Waterways, reservoirs, wetlands, slow to medium current rivers, bays
  • Protected marinas and estuaries.

O.S.C.A.R. Booms:

Oil Containment Boom with dual cables.  50% more fabric between floats plus a third layer of PVC fabric to reinforce the seal between the log floats.  37% bigger RF seals between logs than industry standard.  We use a large single seal in order to make it stronger. The cable is preloaded to 440 lbs. to prevent it from stretching when the boom is being towed.

Boom can be ordered in lengths of 50’ or 100’ sections. Custom lengths are available upon request.

Our containment boom complies with all guidelines, requirements and/or standards including:

  • Protected port or harbor standards
  • ASTM F 1523:  Calm, Current and Protected Water
  • US Coast Guard OSRO (Oil Spill Removal Organization) Classification:  River/Canal

O.S.C.A.R. Blankets:


  • Filled with one or more of your choices of absorbent, to fit your application needs.
  • Blanket lengths 86” to match boom section specifications for every application.

Blanket is constructied of heavy weight durable materials that includes our proprietary built in flotation and stiffeners to prevent sinking or curling.
Carabiner clips to allow easy attachment and change out of blanket from boom.
Incorporates heavy duty grommets on trailing edge of blanket to allow you to attach an additional row of blankets for tough applications.
Custom sizes are available for that special application.

All of our products are made in the USA.