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Are you ready for a flood?

Hazard-symbol-with-glassesWhen my doctor’s office called this morning to cancel my routine appointment because their office was flooded, it got me wondering how on earth will they clean up that type of mess. This got me thinking about my customers, especially those who manufacture solvents, oils and things like kerosene.

If this were to happen in your facility how prepared are you?

A flood can impact your facility in many different ways. But what would you do if the flood caused your production line to rupture?

You would then have to deal with contaminated flood waters. Most companies would start by trying to contain the contaminated flood waters with sand bags and containment booms. But then what?

Our customers are prepared with SheenGuard blankets. SheenGuard blankets will remove floating oil and sheens from industrial water prior to water discharge. SheenGuard blanket-booms would be ideal for use where the presence of standing oil and sheens is likely. And our blankets won’t release the oil once absorbed, even during handling.

SheenGuard removes floating sheens caused by:

  • Oils, including crude oil, silicone, crude, and heating oil
  • Aromatic ethers
  • Aliphatic and aromatic acid chlorides
  • Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Chlorinated aromatics
  • Gasoline and kerosene
  • Solvents

Recovery from a disaster like a flood containing contamination from production is never easy to deal with. How totally prepared are you?

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