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Fracking and drilling wastewater sludge solidification

Bulk-Waste-Stabilizationindustrial sludge: Definition: Concentrated, semi-liquid waste left after treatment of industrial water or wastewater containing some elements of hydrocarbons, including operations from gas and oil drilling, general industrial waste and others.

Guardian Environmental Technologies is pleased to announce the development of a highly cost effective and efficient bulk waste stabilizer called “SludgeGuard.”

SludgeGuard is a proprietary blend of industry accepted absorbents and performance enhancements. SludgeGuard bulk solidifier is unique in that it is effective in stabilizing liquid sludge containing both water and oil. SludgeGuard is unique in that Guardian can adjust the blend to accommodate almost any type of application. The product was developed for transportation of liquid sludge to a treatment facility that stabilizes liquid fracking sludge, liquid drilling byproducts as well as other waste.

We can adjust the ingredients of SludgeGuard meet to your specific needs. It works to convert water and oil sludge to a solid consistency, which allows easy transport from processing facility to disposal facility. So, if your facility treats a waste that has more oil than water or more water than oil, we can customize the blend for that application.  Because of its non-hazardous characteristics and because the product will biodegrade naturally over time, it is suitable for bulk solidification processes.

SludgeGuard is light weight, has relatively low dust content and can be supplied in reliable bulk quantities. It has an effective weight-to-weight absorbent ratio of between 44 to 60 times its own weight, depending on the blend ratio required. Only .19 lbs of SludgeGuard is required to solidify one gallon of sludge or a total cost of about $82 per ton of waste to be treated. Transportation costs can vary in different locations.

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