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SheenGuard blankets….the oil absorbing predator!

What does a rainbow sheen floating on the water mean to you?

To the untrained eye, an oily sheen on a lake or pond might make one think of rainbow puddles in an asphalt parking lot after a rain storm on a hot summer day.

To those of us in this industry we know different.

We know that a spill of just one gallon of oil is enough to form a rainbow film across the surface of a four-acre lake. That one gallon of oil can wreck havoc with the environmental flora and fauna of that body of water. This type of spill can cause chaos for a company with the EPA and cost thousands of dollars in clean up. Then there’s the bad PR! Even a small spill can make headline news and no one wants to be part of that type of headline news!

Do not dismay. That rainbow sheen has a predator….and it’s our SheenGuard absorbent blankets.

A predator will absorb it’s preys tissue after killing and eating it, thus rendering its prey unrecognizable.   SheenGuard blankets will not only absorb it’s preys toxic substances and remove that rainbow sheen, our blankets don’t re-release upon handling……thus SheenGuard blankets renders it’s pray unrecognizable.

The reason our SheenGuard blankets are so predacious is they are filled with PetroGuard, a high capacity solidifying absorbent. In making the blankets we design the pillows of many different sizes to conform to the specific needs of our client. This type of customization forms a continuous blanket thus giving a higher surface area for absorption than conventional round booms, blanket sheets and blankets. And unlike conventional blankets and blanket sheets, SheenGuard blankets are manufactured with extra flotation so they won’t sink!

Here a just a few predator like qualities of our $heenGuard blanket booms. They:

  • do not re-release oil and hazardous chemicals upon handling.
  • don’t sink;
  • can be left in place to continuously remove persistent oil sheens and rainbows without worry of re-releasing;
  • are very COST EFFICIENT because they absorb over 4 times their own weight in oil;
  • reduce man-hours because they do not have to be changed out as frequently as conventional round booms, blankets and blanket sheets, thus SAVING MONEY.

Our blankets are used in streams, lakes, industrial clarifier ponds, marinas, harbors, inland water areas and bays or anywhere conventional blankets, booms and blanket sheets are used.

At Guardian Environment Technologies we know dealing with the repercussions of hazardous oils or chemicals floating down a stream into a river or lake can be expensive, time consuming, and a royal pain in the you know what! If you would like to learn more about how PetroGuard products can help you, click here to contact us.