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Universal Bulk Solidifier

SludgeGuard-P is a universal dry, mineral based granular high capacity bulk solidifying absorbent/adsorbent for liquid industrial waste solidification. SludgeGuard-P is a versatile and sustainable mineral that is mined and processed with little impact on the environment.

The most important characteristic of SludgeGuard-P is that it reduces the overall cost to treat liquid oil and water based waste. 

SludgeGuard-P has an absorption capacity of as much as 5:1 (by weight) and up to 80% by volume. Therefore, less product is needed, resulting in less material to haul and dispose of. Heavier oils and “weathered” oils are sometimes difficult to absorb due to viscosity issues. This means there are times when heavy oil must be liquefied by either heat or using solvents.

SludgeGuard-P will capture and hold liquid hydrocarbon and aqueous liquids to a recoverable solid, with less overall volumetric increase.

SludgeGuard-P can be mixed with drilling or other industrial waste to produce a stable and easy to handle matrix.  That matrix can then be easily loaded and handled using conventional equipment.

SludgeGuard-P provides a semi-solid structure to the mixed liquid waste, which could then be stored while awaiting transport for disposal.

SludgeGuard-P saves time and money by significantly reducing the volume of material needed to be transported.



   SludgeGuard-P hauling and disposal



Sawdust and fly-ash hauling and disposal



Due to its high efficiency, effectiveness, and utility as a sludge bulking agent, SludgeGuard-P is highly recommended for industrial and drilling waste solidification applications.



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