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Universal Bulk Solidifier

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SludgeGuard-P is a natural mineral that is expanded by exposure to controlled heating. High heat causes it to expand to 20 times its original volume that creates a foam-like cellular internal structure resulting in the perfect absorption media.


The most important characteristic of SludgeGuard-P is that it reduces the overall cost to treat liquid oil and water based waste and sludge. 

SludgeGuard-P has an absorption capacity of as much as 20:1 (by weight) and up to 80% by volume. It light weight results in less material to haul and dispose of.

SludgeGuard-P can be mixed with drilling or other industrial waste and sludges to produce a stable and easy to handle matrix.  That matrix can then be easily loaded and handled using conventional equipment.

SludgeGuard-P provides a semi-solid structure to the mixed liquid waste, which can then be stored while awaiting transport for disposal.

SludgeGuard-P saves time and money.



   SludgeGuard-P hauling and disposal after treatment.



Sawdust, corn or fly-ash hauling and disposal after treatment



Due to its high efficiency, effectiveness, and utility as a sludge bulking agent, SludgeGuard-P is highly recommended for industrial and drilling waste and sludge solidification applications.



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