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SludgeGuard Patent

Guardian Environmental Technologies is pleased to announce that a provisional patent has been granted for its newest solidification products SludgeGuard. SludgeGuard and was developed to meet a demand in the drilling and fracking industries for an economical alternative to sawdust or kiln dust. The advantage of using SludgeGuard to solidify oil and fracking waste sludge is that it does not add a vast amount bulk and weight to an already heavy substance.

The limitations on the use of cement for solidification systems are:

  • the organics content is above 45% by weight,
  • the wastes have less than 15% solids,
  • excessive quantities of fine soil particles are present, or
  • too many large particles are present.

SludgeGuard does not have these limitations.

By adding other materials such as sawdust to the drilling waste, the overall volume of solidified waste is larger than the original volume of waste. Depending on the amount of additive that is required to meet the applicable waste quality standards, the cost of other additive may not be cost-effective. However, the use of SludgeGuard is cost effective because it adds only a fraction of other additives.

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