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Spill Kits

Where-did-you-put-the-PetroGuardWhere the  #$%&@#*  did you put that PetroGuard?

Too often specialty products are kept in locked closets. However, when you need to respond to a spill quickly it isn’t always that easy to pull out that drum or spill kit from the locked closet.

It’s not always easy to predict where that leak might occur, but when it does happen it’s nice to have one of our spill kits available for fast economical clean up.

That’s why our PetroGuard 5 to 55 gallon spill kits are considered our “convenience food” product. These kits are loaded with pads, socks, gloves, goggles and PetroGuard. They can easily be positioned around the facility where a spill is most likely to happen.

If you are wondering why you should use a PetroGuard Spill kit instead of a conventional spill kit consider this. The PetroGuard supplied in the kit is hyper-immobilizing, vapor suppressing, and it won’t release under pressure. It is easy to use because it is lightweight granular, environmentally safe and friendly and most importantly cost effective.

Our specialty spill kits combine all the supplies you need for quick hazmat and oil spill clean-up.

Custom designed to your application, they contain our U.S. manufactured quality and environmentally friendly absorbent pads, booms and socks along with a supply of our proprietary absorbents PetroGuard or PetroGuard-D.

Our PetroGuard hazmat spill kit will completely contain and solidify chemical spills while significantly reducing toxic vapors and exposure time.

Our PetroGuard-D oil spill kit instantly solidifies oil and other hydrocarbons.

Our proprietary absorbents are known for their non-leaching, quality and efficiency.  These handy, easy to use spill kits dramatically enhance your chemical spill, oil spill and hazmat spill response capabilities while saving you money.

Want more information about PetroGuard spill kits? Contact us and let’s talk 860 350-2200.

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