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The magic is in the oil spill clean-up!

The magic is in the oil spill clean-up!

Can oil spill clean-up be easy?

On February 17th Marc was on-site working as a Senior Field Service Technician for an upstream oil and gas company.  He really didn’t feel like being at work that day because his wife was about to have their first baby.  But, as a Senior Field Service Technician, he knew his responsibilities included the installation, modification, testing and repair of company products and equipment.  And that came with the responsibility for any oil spill clean-up.

Marc also knew that his oil and gas industry position would involve handling emergency on-site issues, and that meant he had to be a quick thinker and fast on his feet.

That’s why he talked his boss into having 5-gallon pails of PetroGuard-D placed around the work sites.  He knew if there was a spill or leak, they could easily toss some PG-D on the spill and know it would totally absorb and capture the oil with easy non-leeching clean up.  This way, any chance of contaminating the ground around the work-site would be mitigated.

We all know spilled oil can put line operations and company reputations at risk.  Even a small spill can put potentially harm your neighboring land owners or worse, your business operation may be put on hold because of the environmental regulations.

The good thing for Marc that day was that he and his team were ready for the leak because they had PetroGuard-D on hand.  Even though his mind was at home on the up-coming birth of his first child, he knew his well-trained team and PetroGuard-D would be able to do the job and eliminate any worry about repercussions.

PetroGuard-D is an oil and gas industry favorite because it is so easy to use and safe to handle.  Marc knew that even if anyone on his team had to handle the contaminated dirt from the leak, they wouldn’t have to worry because it is absorbed it cannot re-release the oil even under pressure. PetroGuard-D will totally and truly permanently encapsulate the oil.

February 17th turned out to be a great day for Marc.  Because he had PetroGuard-D on hand, he was quickly able to turn a potentially expensive situation into nothing more than a routine task.  And…even more importantly, his son Evan was born that evening.

Just imagine the reduced man-hours and operating costs you’ll find when you start using PetroGuard-D.

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