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Absorption…taking it to the next level!

Are you struggling to keep labor costs down? Well it looks like there might be a previously ignored technology available to respond to the everyday facility maintenance needs around chemical plants.

When one of our customers was looking for a product that would not release toxic chemicals during routine facility maintenance in their plant, they came upon Guardian Environmental Technology’s PetroGuard as an alternative product that could be used simply and sparing for both small and large chemical spills.

They were using standard adsorption products for routine facility maintenance around the plant.  A labor efficiency study found that when using the standard adsorption products during routine facility maintenance, excess time was needed by plant maintenance staff because those products tend to re-release toxic chemicals upon clean up.

Because labor efficiency is being scrutinized on every level and the chemical industry is facing reduced workforces, the need for more productivity per person has escalated.

The question of how to save money without sacrificing safety and efficiency brought our customer to begin to use PetroGuard for most of their factory maintenance needs.

Now, not only is this customer saving money on maintenance labor costs, they are also saving money on over all absorption product cost because of the need to use so much less PetroGuard compared to using standard adsorption products for maintenance purposes.

Often times people think polymer absorption products cost more than conventional  adsportion products.  That is nothing more than a myth.  Without challenge the use of polymer absorption products for simple plant maintenance is far more efficient and labor cost saving than the lesser expensive products.  It’s simple math….  Less product is used and faster, more efficient absorption saves on labor.