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Are you using the same old products in your facility response plan?


Industrial facilities all over the country send and receive large shipments of hazardous chemicals, oil and oil products every day.  Each facility has systems in place to comply with federal regulations related to hazardous chemical or oil spills that occur during the loading and off-loading of products.  In addition, some of those same systems are used during routine facility maintenance.

PetroGuard blankets, pillows and granular particulate are cost effective products that can be used to instantly immobilize, solidify, and stabilize hydrocarbon based chemicals and clean-up oil spills.  They are up to 4 times more efficient than conventional clean-up products.  Besides being labor saving, our PetroGuard products’ most unique characteristic is it does not release absorbed hazardous chemicals and oil once they are absorbed, even under pressure!

Because of the efficiency of PetroGuard products, when employees are trained to respond to spills using PetroGuard products as part of the facility response plan, it can mean the difference between “just a spill” and a reportable spill.

Good facility response plans take many different forms.  Federal regulators like to leave it up to each facility to determine what good FRP’s make sense for each facility.  For some facilities it could mean having spill kits available throughout the facility for those situations when a valve is accidentally opened, and for others it could mean training the employees to utilize safer transfer procedures.  We understand each facility’s needs are different.

Many facilities specify PetroGuard products in the facility response plans.  Frankly there are many applications for PetroGuard products.  Give us a call and let’s chat.  Let’s get PetroGuard products into your facility’s response plan.