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Chemical Spill Absorbent – A Better Way

reactive chemical spillsChemical Spill Absorbent – A better way

Imagine you’re a newly promoted health and safety manager at a chemical manufacturing plant and you want to make some important changes but…you don’t want to insult your previous boss.

That was the circumstance when Sal gave me a call regarding his need for a more advance chemical spill absorbent.

Having made it thru the ranks from working on the line to management, Sal told me he made a pact with himself that once promoted, he would research a different solution.  He wanted something more efficient than what they were currently using when responding to a reactive chemical spill or leak, which was exclusively firefighting foam.

Sal’s number one concern was the instant reaction from the chemicals when exposed to water in the foam.

For years he had been trying to convince management that due to the water in the foam, using fire-fighting foam to blanket a spill was not necessarily the most advanced way of controlling the production of dangerous vapors.

We talked about the dangers of explosion, releasing hydrochloric acid and heat.

He even told me about a situation where a small reactive chemical spill ignited other combustible materials and subsequently, contaminated the facilities storm drains which raised a red flag for a nearby pond.

So, Sal asked me what my suggested solution would be.

I told him when a company deals with water-reactive chemicals, they need bigger guns than just firefighting foam to deal with a spill or leak, which is why I would recommend PetroGuard, our proprietary chemical spill absorbent.

PetroGuard , will encapsulate the chemical and mitigate the production of large amounts of toxic vapor. In other words, turn it into a solid.

Then, if need be, a subsequent application of foam can give an added level of security without risk of dangerous reaction.

PetroGuard will not only encapsulate the dangerous chemical, it will turn it into a solidified matrix that can be securely packed for disposal.

A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury, it can also lower costs, reduce turnover, and increase productivity.  In other words, safety is good for business.

If you would like more information regarding our advanced chemical spill absorbent PetroGuard, give us a call at 860 350-2200.