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Is the tail wagging the dog effecting your bottom line?

As we know “the tail wagging the dog” is a metaphor for a situation in which an apparently insignificant or powerless entity controls the larger system of which it is part. The phrase simply demonstrates a shift in power.

That certainly can apply to everyday plant maintenance procedures if the wrong products are being used.

The videos below show the details of how PetroGuard can simplify maintenance procedures. You’ll see how vapor can be suppressed immediately and how these hazardous chemicals can be immediately immobilized. If the application of PetroGuard is properly applied, it will even prevent the migration of a spill.

Chlorosilane Video

Ticl4 Video

What does this mean to you? Well using PetroGuard products mean a bigger and better bottom line. Even a “non reportable” spill can result in downtime and that significantly impacts the bottom line by reducing plant capacity.

Chlorosilanes and TICL4, just to name a few chemicals, can be treated very efficiently utilizing PetroGuard products. As long as certain conditions are met, the reaction can be 100% complete.

When PetroGuard is properly applied, PetroGuard’s high absorbent capacity is 4 times more efficient and cost effective than conventional “oil dry” or “kitty litter” type products. And…as you saw from these videos the most unique and important characteristic of PetroGuard is that once the hazardous chemicals are absorbed, the liquids will not be released (leach) even under pressure.

Let us help you apply this valuable product to your everyday plant maintenance. Don’t let the tail wag the dog. Your plant capacity should dictate your bottom line — not your “response procedures”. Click here for a quick evaluation of how PetroGuard can help your organization.