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When production is running full tilt the last thing you want to do is take employees off the production line to go change out booms that are part of your oil sheen removal system on your holding pond.

But it needs to be done, so you do it.

They get to the pond, and it looks great.  No sheen.  They think this is going to be easy.

Then they pull the booms up and as the water drips off the boom the sheen returns.  Now they have to get pads, sweeps and more booms to remove the sheen.  After an extended amount of time and lots of frustration, most, not all sheen is removed, and another set of boom is deployed.

Productions lines are strained enough.  Taking anyone away from production is hardly cost effective.

Imagine a oil sheen removal system that only has to be changed out twice a year.

It’s sounds impossible but it’s common for most of our customers.

Oil sheens on water can cause you to incur EPA penalties when attempting to deal with them using conventional booms or vac trucks.

In so many instances, oil sheens are an almost inevitable problem whether you are a power-plant, production facility, fueling dock or even a tanker loading and unloading product.

SheenGuard is a way to get rid of those pesky sheens and keep the EPA off your back.

Our custom designed, proprietary oil sheen removal systems are constructed to be used on protected water, offshore or even on river use. Learn more about this exciting product. Contact us.