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Oil Sheen Removal

We love to share tips from our customers. Here’s a good tip regarding extending the life of your oil sheen removal blankets……

We tend to consider it a given that sharing is a good thing. As a children we wer taught to share our toys, crayons and bedroom. Why is that as we age the idea of sharing sounds valuable but we seem to do it less and less?

There are lots of ways to share resources as adults. Here’s a great tip from one of our customers.

To help extend the life of your oil sheen removal blankets and pillows on your ponds with algae or debris build up, simply take an extending pole with something light on the end like a tennis ball and knock the algae, silt or other debris off.

Would you like to save money and extend the life of your oil sheen removal blankets and pillows? If the tennis ball trip isn’t enough you might want to use our Sheenguard products. Our customers tell us they last 3-4 times longer than conventional blankets and pillows.

We love to share tips from our customers. The benefits of sharing tips are many. It creates a collaborative culture with our customers and certainly can make the world a much better place.

By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we are able to raise the level of expertise throughout our emergency spill response community to the mutual benefit of many.

Do you have a tip you would like to share that might benefit someone the emergency spill response industries?

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