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Oil Sheen

Your current oil sheen solution may not be as cheap as you think.

Frequently when products are chosen for spill control, plant maintenance and oil sheen problems the decision is made based on what is super cheap.
Your current solution for a variety of reactive chemical spills may not be as cheap as you think. As we all know, often a bigger mess and other safety concerns result from using the same old spill control solutions.
This question then rises……..why would anyone be stuck in the past and still use the same old “solutions”? They’ll point to the low price and say, “But it’s so cheap!” when in the end it’s really not the most cost effective solution.

First let’s take a look at a well-used so called “inexpensive option” like clay.

If you have leaks from maintenance procedures or a small spills, throwing clay on it only makes a bigger mess. It kicks up dust and widens the area that needs to be cleaned up. The fact is……clay is dusty, only adsorbs and can cause more problems as a result.

Why not take a minute and compare what you are currently using to absorb those reactive chemicals pound for pound.

When you do the math you’ll see that what you are currently using may not be cheap at all. Consider the time and effort required in your current spill control and maintenance leakage solutions and you might realize that you are perpetuating a myth.

5 Gallon Pail

5 Gallon Pail

So let’s talk about options. Try stocking your facility with 5 gallon pails of PetroGuard.
Consider keeping on hand a few of our PetroGuard pillows that can be incinerated and won’t re-release the chemicals after absorption.petroGuard-pillow-single

Let us help you make a switch.

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