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Preventing Injuries at Chemical Manufacturing Facilities

Most chemicals are very toxic, and some are highly flammable, making chemical manufacturing plants some of the most dangerous places. Many accidents at chemical manufacturing plants result from human error such as workers taking shortcuts or failing to follow safety procedures mandated by the company. This is especially true when there are reactive chemicals involved such as chlorosilanes or titanium tetrachloride.

Both of these chemicals display some nasty characteristics when exposed to water, even the water-vapor in air. Sometimes even the most up to date plant procedures include the use of outdated procedures and techniques of dealing with reactive chemical spills.

As an example, most facilities mandate the use of fire fighting foam to suppress the hydrolyzing of reactive chemicals. This is still an accepted procedure although the addition of most foams will initially create a reaction to take place between the water constituent of the foam and the reactive chemical causing the production of dangerous fuming.

There is an additional step that facilities can take to mitigate the result of applying foam directly to a spill of a reactive chemical and that is to apply PetroGuard first. This non-hazardous polymer instantly absorbs and solidifies the liquid chemical making it impervious to water. This allows the spilled chemical to be picked up as a solid and disposed of appropriately. PetroGuard can applied manually or by use of a mechanized blower. For larger spill situations, a subsequent application of foam would be an appropriate step.

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