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Bulk Waste Solidifiers


Guardian Environmental Technologies bulk waste solidifiers save substantial bottom line operating costs.
Our bulk waste solidifiers enable hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities, hydraulic fracking waste water producers and treatment processors plus landfill sites to solidify both water based and oil based liquid waste. Bulking materials like sawdust, corn cobs, or kiln dust have a very low absorption capacity. Our bulk waste solidifiers will absorb and coagulate up to 10 times their weight. They add less volume ultimately helping customers to more safely and cost-effectively dispose of waste.
Our customers reduce costs on materials, transportation, and disposal, which also helps meet regulatory compliance.

SludgeGuard Absorbent Fluff

SludgeGuard UBSA Fluff

SludgeGuard UBSA bulk waste solidifier works hard through quick absorption essential for production bulk solidification of both water and oil based liquid waste. Most conventional bulking agents absorb the waste but add significant bulk to transportation and landfill volume. SludgeGuard UBSA reduces the amount of material needed, consequently reducing the cost per gallon or per ton to treat thereby saving money on transportation and disposal.
SludgeGuard UBSA is light weight and has a broad spectrum capacity. So if your waste product has “issues”, now is the time for SludgeGuard.




SludgeGuard TF-1000 Big Bale

SludgeGuard TF-1000 Big Bale

SludgeGuard TF 1000 bulk solidifer is a recycled cellulose based absorbent, packaged in 800# bales to reduce shipping and transportation costs.The fiber is processed to absorb both water and oil.
SludgeGuard TF1000 is ideally recommended for applications where good performance is more important than speed of uptake. Environmentally responsible.






SludgeGuard-P is a white, ultra-lightweight granular absorbent and stabilizer ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 6mm in size. It is inorganic, inert, neutral in pH, biologically stable and has no asbestos content. Its low cost and excellent absorption capacity makes it an excellent alternative to sawdust, kiln dust and other bulking agents.




SludgeGuard-PX is a universal dry, granular mineral blend high capacity bulk solidifying absorbent for liquid waste treatment. SludgeGuard-PX will capture and hold aqueous and hydrocarbon liquids to a recoverable semi-solid. 




hydroguard shipping bulk sacks

HydroGuard Bulk Sacks

HydroGuard SAP is a bulk waste solidifier using super absorbent polymers for water applications that have proven practical applications. Manufacturing companies, treatment companies, those in the energy production and mining industries and many others use these polymers to solidify and stabilize liquid waste by-products.
A little bit goes a long way – as much as 300 times it own weight in efficiency.





Bulk Sacks

Bulk Sack

PetroGuard-D oil solidifier,  our premier oil solidifying polymer will absorb and transform liquid hydrocarbons to an irreversible solid, with minimal increase in volume.The most unique and important characteristic of PetroGuard-D is that once absorbed, liquids will not be released, even under pressure.
PetroGuard D is the ideal enhancer that can be blended with other solidifying bulking agents to make them even more efficient for oil absorption and solidification.
If you are looking for the real deal in a solidifying absorbent polymer for oil only applications, this is it. Has a very high absorbent 4:1 capacity (400%).







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