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Reactive chemicals

Stress Free Strategies to Stop Using Numerous Spill Clean-up Products with Reactive Chemicals!

With U.S. manufacturing on the rise, production lines are at full capacity.  Employees are struggling to keep up with workloads and there’s an increase in new hires.

This is causing companies to spend thousands of dollars to keep everyone up to speed with procedures regarding the use of all the different spill clean-up products around a plant.

Our newest client came to us experiencing this exact situation.  With production up, they quickly needed a more efficient solution to handle small reactive chemical spills.

Here’s what they were experiencing:

  • They were using several different solutions to get the job done and would still find residual chemical left behind.
  • Production lines were shutting down to handle what should have been a simple clean-up.
  • They were spending too much time and money training new hires how to use all the different solutions they were using.
  • Disposal volumes were large and cumbersome.

We were quickly able to show them how they could use far less product to get the job done while saving time and money using our proprietary product, PetroGuard.

After a cost analysis and few simple tests, we were able to show them how unique and efficient PetroGuard is.

Here’s what they were delighted to find:

  • Once PetroGuard was spread on a reactive chemical (in this case is was used on Chlorosilane), the absorbed chemical became impervious to water.
  • Flammable and toxic vapor production was reduced so much it was just about eliminated.
  • Clean-up was safer and required far less man-power.
  • It was non-leaching and non-exothermic.
  • Exposure time for employees to the hazardous chemical was significantly reduced.
  • It had a very low volumetric increase (less than 15%) which kept handling and disposal costs down.
  • It was easily, and cost effectively disposed of by incineration or land-fill.

In business today, it is important to get the most out of every product in the plant.  Why not give us a call and let’s chat?  We’ll be happy to give you a cost analysis and show you how you can save money with a simple and more efficient solution like PetroGuard.

Our goal is to help you never worry again about losing valuable production time because you are using too many inefficient spill clean-up products around the plant.