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Absorbent boom, socks and pads – Is made in the USA really better?

Is it really more expensive to buy absorbent boom, socks and pads that are made in the USA?

A majority of consumers say they believe that American-made industrial boom, socks and pads have a higher quality than imports but they are uncertain about the cost.

The question is whether made in the USA is more expensive?

This answer is absolutely “NO”.

Some consumers have already shifted their purchasing from products made overseas to products “made in America”. The number of industrial absorbent boom and socks made in the U.S. has consistently increased in the last several years in what could be described as a small but growing trend.

Many small made in the USA manufacturers of absorbent boom, socks and pads are able to compete with overseas pricing because they keep their operations small and overhead down. They don’t do a lot of media advertising and rely on a ground swell of business from referrals from happy customers.

What consumers are finding out is that though those industrial absorbent boom, socks and pads that are made overseas appear cheaper, they are less dense forcing the consumer to use more of the product.

Let’s take absorbent boom for example. Absorbent boom made overseas is often made of a looser and lighter fill than American made boom. An inexperienced buyer might think they are saving their company money when ordering that boom when in fact since the boom is so light and lacking density they have to use more of them for a simple job. In the long run they order more pallets than if they ordered the densely made American boom. The only winner in that scenario is the overseas seller.

Today more and more consumers want to know where a product is manufactured just like they want to know where their food is grown. “Made in the USA” still holds the stamp of quality and if the American manufacturer runs their company efficiently it can compete on price providing the consumer is open minded and willing to be educated.

American manufacturers have a reputation for getting it right the first time. The strengths of made in the USA products continue to be innovation, vibrancy, ingenuity and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Consumers have plenty of choice when it comes to buying industrial absorbent products but they choose “made in the USA” because they are confident the products will deliver as promised.

Guardian Environmental Technologies proudly sells “made in the USA” absorbent boom, socks, pads and more at prices competitive to those made overseas and even those others manufactured in the USA. Call us today at 860 350-2200 and let us save you money.

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