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Are You Still Using “Free” Products For Wastewater and Sludge Disposal?

Free products for wastewater and sludge Disposal may give you convenience now, but they have their limitations. They say “the best things in life are free”, but this may not be 100% true when it comes to your wastewater and sludge treatment and disposal.

One common freebie for this type of disposal is fly ash. Fly ash is a byproduct of coal combustion processing.  It is composed of fine particles and because it comes from coal, it is heavy.

Fly ash can be a great tool when it comes to solidifying sludge and waste water because it dries firmly.  Because of these characteristics, it is also one of the materials commonly used for building and housing construction.

It sounds great, right?! You’re probably running to Google right now to put in “fly ash near me” and calling your accounting team to tell that you found a great way to cut your budget!

But slow down, because there is much more to learn about some of the disadvantages of fly ash and other free solidifying agents before you go making rash decisions that in the end even increase your costs.

Think of these factors when you consider using free products like fly ash:

Fly ash may be a free waste water and sludge solidifying agent, but it has a low absorption capacity of 1 to 1 and tends to be heavy at 65 lbs per cubic foot.

This means that the added weight of the solidified waste water will greatly affect trucking and tipping costs. So, in effect you are adding the weight of the fly ash to your sludge which usually doubles the original weight. Because of this you may find yourself spending more on your “free” solution.

When it comes to economical solutions to wastewater and sludge solidification, there is a better solution.

Guardian Environmental Technologies, Inc.’s bulk waste solidifiers enable hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities, hydraulic fracking waste water producers and treatment processors plus landfill sites to solidify both water-based and oil-based liquid waste. Our bulk waste solidifiers will absorb and coagulate up to 10 times their weight. They add less weight ultimately helping customers to more safely and cost-effectively dispose of sludgy waste.  Our customers reduce costs on materials, transportation, and disposal, which also helps meet regulatory compliance.

Guardian Environmental Technologies, Inc. has been among the top choices of companies for providing time-saving spill response and solidification products since 1992. Other products include oil and chemical solidifying absorbent polymers, bulk waste solidifiers, industrial absorbents, and spill kits and much more.