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The elephant in the land-fill

Has waste disposal from bulk solidification materials or solidifying polymers become the elephant in the landfill?

By Patti Garland
In manufacturing and industry, waste disposal to landfills and the volumetric increase from industrial waste due to the use of bulk solidification materials or solidifying polymers is a growing concern that no one wants to talk about.

Increases in volume, the toxicity of waste and leachate pollution cause all types of environmental concerns that are crucial to a company’s integrity, reputation and overall plant operations.

As landfills expand in volume and toxicity, plastic and packaging are not only the culprits.

In some instances, when a bulk solidification agent like sawdust is used with waste water, the volume to be disposed of can increase 100%.

In a hazmat spill response situation, there are some solidifying polymers that actually increase the volume of materials to be disposed of by 27 times their volume.

Clearly this waste is also a contributor to the problem of volumetric increases in landfills.

So how can a company help solve the problem other than just recycling plastic, glass, etc.?  The solution is simple.

A company can easily reduce the volume of waste by choosing products that have a minimal volumetric increase after absorption.

Simply replace the commonly used bulking agents or solidifying polymers that have a large volumetric increase with products that coagulate and absorb with a minimal volumetric increase.  There is then less waste to dispose of.  Because there is less material to handle there is a significant cost saving on disposal and labor.

Effective waste minimization is vital to plant operations because of its environmental impact and cost efficiency.  Implementing the above into a waste minimization program will:

  • dramatically reduce disposal costs;
  • save on labor;
  • maximize bottom line performance.

Unfortunately, the volumetric increase of industrial waste is not always factored into the equation when bulk solidification materials and solidifying polymers are purchased.

By purchasing bulk solidifying materials and polymers that both are low-leaching and produce low volumetric increase will turn waste increase into waste minimization and remove the elephant from the landfill.

Waste minimization does not have to be an operational challenge.  Once you find the products to meet the challenge, you can easily stay focused on your business at hand.

Since 1992 Guardian has helped customers enhance their overall safety and productivity by providing practical and time-saving spill response and bulk solidification products.

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